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Introducing Subnet


Today, we're announcing Subnet, a new flash briefing show from Relay FM. Hosted by Stephen Hackett, Subnet is a quick rundown of the three top tech stories of the moment. There's a lot of stuff out there to keep up with, but Subnet is here to help sort through it.

Subnet is made in partnership with Anchor, whose platform makes it easier than ever to create a podcast. Their new platform makes creating and hosting a podcast easier than ever, including getting a show listed in the various podcast players on the market.

You can subscribe to Subnet within Anchor, or tell your Google Home "Play the news from Relay FM."

If you have an Amazon Echo, enable the new Relay FM Alexa Skill, to have Subnet added to your Flash Briefing. Here's a link for the UK Alexa Skill.

Subnet is perfect for a quick listen as you're getting ready for the day or find yourself in your kitchen doing a quick chore. Let Stephen Hackett keep you updated on what’s going on in the tech world, so you’ll never miss a conversation around the water cooler (or on Twitter).

As always, you can check out Subnet on the Relay FM website, or in your podcast app of choice:

Introducing Playing for Fun


Tiffany Arment and Myke Hurley are the best of friends. One of the things that brought them together was their love of video games. While many people like to unwind with a book, or curl up to watch a movie, Tiff and Myke enjoy nothing more than sitting down with a controller for hours at a time.

And that’s the what Playing for Fun is all about. Each month you’ll hear two best friends talk about a video game. They’ll share the things they love about it, what makes it something they cannot stop thinking about, and why they need to finish it.

Playing for Fun focuses on just the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.

You can tune in to the first episode today, which features a discussion on Super Mario Odyssey.

Subscribe now:

Cool Fresh Gear

Back by popular demand, our "Cool Fresh" AirPod case stickers are making a return to the store. Now in "cinnamon red" they look really awesome on the white case.

As fun as these stickers are, we wanted to do something special, so they are being paired with a limited-run t-shirt for the holiday season. 

Pre-orders are open now on the Relay FM store, and will be available until Monday, November 6. 

Each order comes with one shirt and two AirPods stickers. As you can see on the store via the button below, we have both mens and womens shirts ready for preorder.

Once orders are in, we'll have everything printed. We expect to be shipping these orders in mid-December.