The new Relay FM Merchandise Store

Today, we are very excited to announce our new merchandise store. In partnership with Cotton Bureau, we have been able to create some pretty special stuff we think you will love:

Challenge Coin

Now you can slyly show other listeners that you know the difference between follow-in and follow-out.


Enamel Pin

If you spot someone else at the airport with this pin, you are obligated to give them a high-five.



A little something to go with those AirPods you always have with you.


At Relay FM, we're getting back to the roots of nerdy mobile audio.


The enamel pins and challenge coins are in stock and shipping now.

Hats and shirts will be shipping in mid-September. If your order contains a hat or shirt, it will be held until all items are ready to ship.

Introducing Parallel


Today we are thrilled to announce that Shelly Brisbin is joining Relay FM as the host of a podcast named Parallel. Shelly is the author of iOS Access for All, and 14 other books over a 25-year career in tech journalism. She is the web editor of the Texas Standard audio program and lives in Austin.

Parallel is a unique show that discusses a wide range of tech topics, but is always informed by the need for improved accessibility.

A teaser episode is up today on the Relay FM website, with the first full episode coming on Monday. Here's how to get subscribed:

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Introducing Subnet


Today, we're announcing Subnet, a new flash briefing show from Relay FM. Hosted by Stephen Hackett, Subnet is a quick rundown of the three top tech stories of the moment. There's a lot of stuff out there to keep up with, but Subnet is here to help sort through it.

Subnet is made in partnership with Anchor, whose platform makes it easier than ever to create a podcast. Their new platform makes creating and hosting a podcast easier than ever, including getting a show listed in the various podcast players on the market.

You can subscribe to Subnet within Anchor, or tell your Google Home "Play the news from Relay FM."

If you have an Amazon Echo, enable the new Relay FM Alexa Skill, to have Subnet added to your Flash Briefing. Here's a link for the UK Alexa Skill.

Subnet is perfect for a quick listen as you're getting ready for the day or find yourself in your kitchen doing a quick chore. Let Stephen Hackett keep you updated on what’s going on in the tech world, so you’ll never miss a conversation around the water cooler (or on Twitter).

As always, you can check out Subnet on the Relay FM website, or in your podcast app of choice: