Welcome Isometric!

We are so excited today to announce that in a few weeks time, we'll be welcoming the fantastic Isometric to our roster at Relay FM.

Much like Rocket, what I love most about Isometric is that the viewpoint of the hosts is completely different to what you'll find elsewhere. Isometric is a real champion for equality in video games, with a passion (and flare of humour) that are totally unique.

When I listen to this show, I am given a completely different point of view to my own, about old and new games, and it really helps me think differently and challenge myself.

We are already lucky enough to have Brianna Wu as part of our great group of hosts on Relay FM, and we are so excited to now welcome Georgia Dow, Maddy Myers and Steve Lubitz as well.

Since adding Rocket to Relay FM, I have developed a great working relationship with Brianna, so having Isometric join us felt like a no-brainer. You can read Brianna's take on this on her blog.

I really hope that you give Isometric a listen when it joins us in April, but you can also start checking it out now at its current home on 5by5.

We'll have the feed and page ready shortly, so follow either Isometric or Relay FM on Twitter to find out more as it happens.

We are so excited to welcome another great show to Relay FM; 2015 is shaping up to be pretty great already.