Please welcome 'Material', our new show about Android and Google

I have always had an interest in Google and Android. A couple of years ago I switched to Android for a few months to try and get a feel for what was happening there. Overall, I enjoyed the experience, but was eventually pulled back to the iPhone.

During this period and afterwards, I searched to find thoughtful and interesting voices in the Android community, and overall I came up short. I wanted a podcast with a selection of really entertaining people, that cared about production values, and having a fun and insightful conversation. I struggled to find something I was happy with.

So when we started Relay FM, I knew that this is something I really wanted us to try.

Some time ago, I started talking to Russell Ivanovic (of Pocket Casts fame) about what a Google-focused show on Relay FM could look like, and over the course of many months, and many iterations, we decided on a panel show format.

Naturally, I love the format and style of Connected, and we both really wanted something like that, but for the Google and Android ecosystem.

So the hunt was on for some people to work with on this project, and we are so thrilled to welcome Andy Ihnatko and Yasmine Evjen to Relay FM, with Material.

Russell, Andy, and Yasmine all bring a totally unique perspective to Material, which I think you're really going to like. This show is being created to give you the lowdown on the how and why people use Google's products, and I think you're going to enjoy it, no matter what platform you're on.

Episode 1 is out today (along with a bonus episode 0), go and check it out and let us know what you think!