Announcing Almanac, with Andy Ihnatko

Today we are thrilled to unveil a new show that Andy Ihnatko has been working on. Almanac is an audio exploration of all of the things that pique Mr. Ihnatko's interest. He'll be covering the news of the week that has caught his eye, as well as bringing together a cavalcade of interesting characters to discuss topics ranging from the arts, to modern life, to technology. In Andy's own words, 'You'll never know what you'll find inside, but you'll find it interesting'.

Andy has been such a pleasure to work with as one of the hosts of the Material podcast, and we couldn't be more excited to be working with him on this new show. We're really excited to see the ways that Andy is going to be pushing the format of his show in to wonderful and varied areas, to create something different to what you've heard before.

Episode 1 of Almanac is available today, so go subscribe now!