Introducing Disruption

We were so happy to welcome Isometric to Relay FM last year, and it's been amazing to watch the show grow and evolve.

And now, Brianna, Mikah, Steve and Georgia are ready to disrupt us all. We're so excited to see what this rag-tag group is going to do with their new show. They have some really fun ideas, and are ready to do something different.

But don't just take it from us; here's what Mikah has to say about their new show, Disruption:

101 episodes: That’s what it took to make Georgia Dow, Steve Lubitz, Brianna Wu, and new host Mikah Sargent rage quit Isometric. Luckily the crew had a few extra coins, so they’re starting a new show.

Disruption, as the new show is appropriately named, is a weekly show filled with equal parts laughter and absurdity. Join psychotherapist Georgia Dow, game-enthusiast Steve Lubitz, journalist Mikah Sargent and game-developer Brianna Wu, as they tackle topics in tech, gaming, and the surrounding culture.

The show will not only feature timely discussions and Isometric-style hijinks, but a new call-in segment. Leave a question, a thought, a joke, or a topic of discussion at (508) 418-3532.

A word of warning: Listen at your own risk!

We really hope you enjoy Disruption, don't forget to subscribe to the show, and spread the word!