Everything old is new again

Today is a day of reflection for Stephen and myself at Relay FM.

First, we are bringing an old show back to life. Ungeniused was the first show we ever worked on together way back in 2011, and we've decided to bring it back for another season.

On each episode of Ungeniused we discuss a weird and wonderful Wikipedia article. We do all the research, so you don't have to! The first episode focuses on Action Park, probably the most dangerous water park in US history.

We have some fun episodes lined up to, that I think you're really going to enjoy them. Ungeniused will teach you some new, interesting (and probably useless information) that you'll be glad to know.

Here's where you can susbscribe:

Additionally, we are now hosting the back catalogues of three shows that pre-dated Relay FM. Recently, some of our retired 5by5 shows were taken down from the site, but we decided that we didn't want them to disappear.

So we now have the back catalogues of Bionic, CMD+Space, and The Prompt on Relay FM, so you can enjoy some of the shows that pre-date some of your favorites. There's some really great stuff in there that's fun to go back and listen to.

As always, thank you for your support of everything we do at Relay FM.