Introducing Query

Serenity Caldwell has a long background in helping people with their Apple products. She started out as a Creative at Apple retail, teaching classes and training individuals on how to use the software that came on their devices. After writing at Macworld, she now works as the Managing Editor at iMore.

Before I was a professional podcaster, I had a career in IT. Like Serenity, that started at my local Apple Store, but behind the Genius Bar.

Today, we're both getting back to our roots and launching a new podcast named Query. I've wanted to work with Serenity for as long as I can remember, and we are both super excited about this show.

Each week, we will be answering two community-submitted questions, then knock out three quick ones during the Speed Run. The show notes for each episode will be full of the resources we discuss. We're serious about our homework, but sidebars and nerdy jokes are going to be par for the course on Query. It's a little part help desk, a little part Car Talk, and we're keeping the runtime to just 30 minutes each week.

Here's how you can subscribe:

Be sure to follow the show on Twitter and ask questions using the #askquery hashtag!