Welcoming 'Make Do' to Relay FM


One of Relay FM’s three core themes is creativity.

Throughout the shows we hosts here, creativity is expressed in many forms, whether it’s through using many iPads on Cortex, through understanding why people create on Originality, or through looking in to journalling on The Pen Addict.

So today we are thrilled to announce that Make Do is joining Relay FM.

Make Do is a perfect example of a Relay FM show. Each episode, your hosts Tiffany Arment and Julia Skott, spend time breaking down the how’s and why’s of creative work.

If you’re a painter, a pottery maker, a sculptor, or an aspiring artist of any kind, you’ll feel encouraged and inspired by listening to Make Do.

If you’re looking for a place to get started, why not listen to Tiff and Julia talk about why they do what they do, or hear them set challenges for each other as a means to inspire action.

There are new episodes of Make Do released every two weeks, so why not spend some time getting caught up with what you may have missed, and please enjoy this charming show featuring two friends who are making things happen.

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