All Bets Are Off

The Bionic podcast on 5by5 started out life as a show about 'technology and media ecosystems', hosted by Matt Alexander and Myke Hurley.

However at Episode 51, things took a bit of a turn. After this point Matt and Myke let everything go and started to create a show they seemed destined to make.

Bionic became a podcast with a devoted audience of people who helped create some rather peculiar things, that all added up to something rather beloved.

However, as Matt's business grew and Myke started to work on new plans of his own, it became harder to make time for the show. So it therefore came to an end.

However, Matt and Myke missed each other too much. So they're back!

Bonanza! will be a (most likely) monthly cavalcade of incredible-ness from your favourite British podcast duo.

The first episode will be recorded live on November 4th after Matt joins Myke on Inquisitive. The show will be available to download afterwards.

Get your special trousers ready. It's time to tear them away.