Introducing two new podcasts by Jason Snell

One of the best parts of working in this industry is getting to know your heroes. Unlike NBA stars or musicians, most people in our corner of the Internet will reply to a Tweet or respond to an email, dispensing advice, support and more.

For me, Jason Snell is one of those guys. I have enjoyed his podcasting for years, and have read his articles for Macworld for even longer.

Today, Jason announced that he's leaving IDG after 17 years of service. In addition to his work on The Incomparable, Jason is launching two technology shows, right here on Relay FM.

Clockwise (moving to Relay FM from IDG) is a 30-minute panel show covering the week's top topics. Upgrade is a new podcast in which Jason will look at Apple, Amazon, Google and more through the lens of his years of experience covering technology.

Jason's one of the nicest people around, and Myke and I were honored when he proposed the arrangement, and we couldn't be happier to bring these two shows to the network.