Relay FM for iOS is here

For listening to our streaming shows on the go, check out our iOS app.

Powered by Tapjet, the Relay FM app also gives you access to the latest episodes of our podcasts. Select your favorite shows, and the app will send you a push notification when those shows go live, letting you listen to the show right within the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Find something new you want to check out again? Tap the Subscribe button to add it to your podcast app of choice. Want to see the show notes? They're just a tap away, too.

We have a lot of people to thank for getting this app built:

  • Chris Harris and his team at Tapjet for an amazing platform. Their backend software is crazy powerful, but shockingly easy to use.
  • Our awesome designer "Frank Towers." Frank has designed everything you see from Relay from the logo on up. The app looks great, and coupled with Chris' animation, our look really comes to life in a new way.
  • Our talented hosts for showing up and producing great content week in and week out. We're excited to be sharing shows in a new way with the app, and I bet you'll find something new to listen to when you launch it.
  • Our families and friends who have used the app, given us feedback and let us send all sorts of test notifications to their devices.

The Relay FM app is universal and is available on the iOS App Store for free. Go grab it today!