Introducing Thoroughly Considered

Over the last six months, I have been working with Tom and Dan on a new podcast project to chronicle this project: from the conception of the idea, to the launch of the Kickstarter, and beyond.

This new show is called Thoroughly Considered, and the first episode is available today.

Tom and Dan have been recording all of their conversations during the planning stages of Obi. We will be using some of these clips, along with conversations the three of us to help tell the story of what it's like to build and ship a physical product in our digital age.

You'll get an inside look in to the things that go right, the things that go wrong, and how Studio Neat works to make the best possible product they can.

We are really excited about this podcast. We are trying to do something a little different, and really hope you like it. You can find Obi on Kickstarter, and you'll see that one of the tiers will let you directly support the show if you want to. We have some big plans for the rest of the series, and this will help us deliver on them.

As always, we love to receive feedback on what you think about the show and what you'd like to see. You can find out how to contact us (via email or Twitter) on the show page for Thoroughly Considered.