Introducing the Relay FM Membership

From the beginning, Relay FM has been a community for podcasters, listeners and follow-uppers to share their common interests and passions. Now, with a Relay FM membership, you can directly support the hosts of your favorite shows.

Each show has three options for membership:

  • Silver: Support monthly for $5/month
  • Gold: Support monthly for $10/month
  • Support annually for $100

Aside from transaction fees, all of the money from your membership goes to the Relay FM hosts whose shows you support. We encourage you to choose your favorite shows to make sure your money goes to them directly.

Alternatively, you can support everything at Relay FM with the “All the Great Shows” options. The money from these memberships is divided up to all of the hosts on the networks, and comes with the same perks as show-specific memberships.

In addition to bucket loads of good karma, all memberships come with these perks:

  • Bonus episodes of every show during Relay’s anniversary week in August
  • Monthly behind-the-scenes newsletter
  • 15% off anything in our merchandise store

(We plan on adding new perks as we go, and we will keep you posted on that front as soon as we have news!)

Join now to support your favorite podcasts.