Introducing Remaster and Canvas

Today, we are introducing two new podcasts on Relay FM.


Ever since we interviewed Shahid Ahmad on our first gaming show Directional, Federico and I dreamed of one day getting to work with him.

Today, we're proud to announce Shahid is joining Relay FM to help us launch a new podcast named Remaster.

We have decided that we are going to end Virtual so we can put all of our efforts in to this new show. Our love for gaming, coupled with Shahid's knowledge of the industry is going to lead to something awesome.

(Virtual members, your membership has been moved to Remaster.)

In 1985 Shahid released a game called Chimera), this started a long and varied career for him in video games, including a decade-long stint at Sony PlayStation, where he was in charge of signing deals for games like Nuclear Throne and No Man's Sky.

Now Shahid is going indie again to continue to pursue his dream of making games. And this is where Remaster begins. We want to talk about the games and experiences we love, whilst looking at what it takes to actually make games. This is what you'll get from us every fortnight. We think you're really going to enjoy it.


With the iPad Pro, more and more people are considering switching their tasks to iOS, but it requires some new thinking to recreate the workflows you're used to having at your fingertips.

This is something Federico Viticci and Fraser Speirs know all too well. These lovable Europeans have both famously made the switch to using iPads as their main computers, and have both learned an awful lot along the way.

And now they want to share this knowledge with you. Canvas is a new fortnightly podcast that will help you tackle common tasks with iOS, to help you dive deeper in to a more portable working set up. Fraser and Federico will give you examples of apps, systems and workflows that they use to get their work done.

Relay FM members have gotten a preview of the first episode already, but now it's available to everyone, and we think you're going to love it.


With both Remaster and Canvas, we think we have a great start to an exciting year at Relay FM. You can subscribe to them here: