RelayCon Atlanta: The Pen Addict Live 2016

One of my very favourite moments of 2015 was the Atlanta Pen Show. It was so fantastic to be there, hanging out with everyone and helping out at the Nock Co table. I also got to finally meet Brad for the first time to record episode #150 of The Pen Addict in person.

Last year we had a Kickstarter to help make that happen, and because of this we were able to shoot an awesome video version of the live recording. We want to be able to do this again, so we're launching a new Kickstarter campaign to help fund the newly titled, 'RelayCon Atlanta: The Pen Addict Live 2016'.

Last year we had a custom Nock Co pen case as a perk (as well as the live show video), but Brad has gone above and beyond this year.

We are going to be making some amazing Pen Addict notebooks that feature the fantastic paper that you'll find in Nock Co's other paper products. They have a beautiful orange cover and a sweet embossed Pen Addict Logo. I cannot wait to get my hand on some of these bad boys myself!

To be able to recreate and surpass the amazing time and show we were able to put together last year, we do need your help. It would mean the world to me and Brad if you're able to back this Kickstarter campaign to help us put this together. We promise it will be worth it.

One last thing, the idea of 'RelayCon' is something Stephen and I have been kicking about a lot recently. We're looking to do more live events under this banner, in different locations in the near future.